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The Virginia Tech Tragedy

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Letter from PAX Co-Founder & CEO, Dan Gross

As we deal with the immense tragedy at Virginia Tech, inevitably people
are going to ask "Why?". They will examine the psychological and
cultural factors that could lead someone to commit such a horrendous
act. Some will say it's about families, religious values and law
enforcement and others will say it's all about guns. Many will be
looking to point fingers of blame. Still others will say there is
nothing that can really be done to prevent these things. "If a child
has evil in his heart, you cannot stop him."

It turns out this is not true!

PAX's SPEAK UP Campaign has proven tragedies like yesterday's can be
prevented. According to government studies, in 81% of school shootings
the attackers tell other students about their plans beforehand. Based
on this fact, PAX has created the national 1-866-SPEAK-UP program,
featuring the first and only national hotline for students to report
weapon-related threats (1-866-SPEAK-UP) and including a powerful PSA
campaign and lesson plans in thousands of schools and after-school
venues nationwide. Stunningly, the hotline has received more than
20,000 calls in only five years. Countless tragedies have been
prevented as a result. 1-866-SPEAK-UP works.

It's still too soon to say with certainty whether 1-866-SPEAK-UP could
have prevented the tragedy at Virginia Tech. But what is certain is
that it has already prevented countless others like it. That is why it
is vitally important, as our nation turns its fleeting attention to the
issue of school shootings once again, and the risk of copycat
tragedies runs extremely high, that we include prevention as part of
that dialogue -- especially a means of prevention that has been as
effective, and has saved as many lives as 1-866-SPEAK-UP.

Daniel Gross
PAX / Real Solutions to Gun Violence

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

PAX Announces Benefit Gala set for Tuesday, May 15

At the 2007 PAX Benefit Gala on Tuesday, May 15, PAX will honor Vikki and Michael Price, Senior Managing Director at Evercore Partners, for their dedication to PAX's mission to end gun violence.

Held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City, the evening will be chaired by Michael B. Targoff, CEO & Vice Chairman of Loral Space & Communications, Inc. The night will feature a world-class auction, presentation of program highlights, a special surprise celebrity musical guest and more!

Click to download the Gala Response Form and the Gala Fact Sheet.

Click here to reserve a table or order tickets online!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A 17 year-old was arrested yesterday for bringing a loaded gun to school on Monday in Louisiana.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Police expect to make an arrest as soon as today in a series of bomb threats at a New York school.

A jury Thursday found a
North Carolina student guilty of carrying a concealed weapon on a school campus.


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